seeks fun and adventure
    ordered and scheduled
    logical and analytical
  • BLUE
    idealistic, friendly, and insightful.

Welcome to Directionality!

DIRECTIONALITY is a temperament inventory that identifies specific personality traits as combinations of four different communication pathways. These pathways which correlate with brain chemistry enhance an individual's ability to see how others perceive the world through different lenses. The goal is to empower adults as well as children to communicate more effectively by learning how to capitalize and understand communication clues and cues as well as to celebrate the strengths and abilities of each temperament type.

Research starting back at far as 400 BC by Hippocrates followed by Carl Jung, Plato, Fromm, Myers-Briggs, Keirsey/Bates, and Dan Lowery has shown that individuals are unique. They need and want different things and have different beliefs. They also possess different communication styles and strengths. Directionality becomes a unifying vocabulary that bridges all pathways so that negative or confrontational communication can be eliminated in addressing solutions.

Directionality assigns four different colors to describe the four different communication pathways. A person who dominates red has a pathway that is flexible to changes in direction and is one that seeks adventure. The polar opposite pathway is yellow. Yellow takes a person along a path that is ordered and scheduled with step by step procedures. On the other hand, green has a pathway that is built on logic and vision for the future. The polar opposite pathway, blue, is harmonious, expressive, with its focus on helping others. The aim of Directionality is to maximize productivity and efficiency and foster caring, genuine relationships and career choices by opening communication pathways through understanding and insight.

Directionality is about self-evaluation: the more you understand yourself, the more you understand others. With self-evaluation comes growth and with growth comes positive productive behavior.

what is Directionality?

Each of us is born with certain personality/temperament characteristics that affect our relationships, communication, and life satisfaction. Just as Michelangelo could not change the basic ingredients in the marble he used to create the statue of David, so, too, we cannot change the core of who we are. This core reflects itself in the dominant pathway of our communication. However, just as Michelangelo used chisels and hammers to change the shape of the marble, we, too, can improve our communication style and strengths. By understanding what we and others need, we can create the ingredients necessary for effective relationships.

Directionality is a valuable tool in helping those who work together in offices, schools, homes, and industry to maximize productivity as they learn to communicate more effectively.

It helps the individual gain insight into his/her own personality/temperament while coming to better value the personality/temperament of those around him/her.

Directionality assists both adults and children in better understanding different communication styles and behaviors as well as different learning and teaching styles. It helps a parent understand his/her own parenting and teaching style and the teaching and learning style of his child's teacher(s).

Directionality provides a road map for exploring pathways toward a more balanced lifestyle and identifies the Climate, Attitude, and Relationships that people need to effectively travel along life’s journey. Just as a CAR needs four balanced wheels to operate efficciently, people need to balance their communication styles to be more successful on their journey through life. The aim of Directionality is to maximize productivity and efficiency and foster caring, genuine relationships by opening communication pathways.

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Directionality Products!

Directionality has been used with thousand of adults and children in hundred of schools, homes, and businesses across the United States. Both adults and young people have learned better communication skills and more appropriate behavior from this practical tool.

A reliability study showed Directionality consistently and accurately measured communication styles and validated previous research on personality/temperament. Directionality is based off of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and is a practical, user-friendly instrument for understanding teams, classrooms, parent-child, teacher-student, and work relationships.

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